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Multi-Channel Injection – Automated

Netafim Dosing units features Netafim's precise Nutrigation tool, for effective, efficient use of water & fertilizers. It’s more accurate, more reliable, and works independently of field conditions. This is the height of Nutrigation: growing more – with less.

NetaJet's advanced direct injection dosing units feature Netafim’s unique Hydro-mix technology. Using precise pulse fertigation, it creates a uniform solution of water and nutrients. With ECpH fuzzy logic control, NetaJet responds immediately to required changes in concentration or flow, and enables easy switching between nutrigation recipes for different crops. NetaJet 3G is a plug and play unit, with special pressure regulation valves. The system arrives precalibrated and requires no on—site adjustment. NetaJet 3G's systems are modular, configured to specific client requirements. NetaJet offer two operation modes -- for pressurized lines and for storage tanks. With its long-term reliability and flexible pricing structure, Netajet is the best performing nutrigation unit on the market, providing the lowest cost of ownership and very fast Return On Investment as part of the comprehensive Netafim solution.

Netafim™ offers a comprehensive array of dosing systems to ensure precise nutrient delivery for any crop, plot size and application.
The NetaFlex™ 3G is a reliable, state-of-the-art open-tank dosing system that ensures very highly precise and homogeneous uniform nutrient dosing for greenhouse crops.
Fertikit 3G is based on a standard platform operating in various modes, while accommodating diverse dosing channels, dosing boosters, controllers, peripherals and accessories.
NetaJet-Bypass dosing systems are based on the highest quality components. Provides accurate fertilizer and acid control with minimum expenses and intervention Designed to give a high precision solution for midrange to large applications.
NetJet High Flow is a bypass injection unit designed to provide accurate fertilizer and acid control with minimum expanses and intervention. NetJet High Flow is a suitable for flow rates of up to 400m(3)/h. EC & pH measurement and control are standard
NetaJet-Inline dosing systems are based on the highest quality components. Provides fast and accurate fertilizer and acid control. Convert precise pulse fertigation into uniform solution. EC & pH measurement and control are standard.